Importance of Tech Meaning in Hindi

Hi tech meaning in hindi refers to any item or idea that has a high-tech character. hi tech word in its literal sense means high tech apparatus or equipment. But in its context it means something that is new and innovative. hi tech meaning in hindi can also be defined as “an offspring of science and technology”, “an innovation worthy of imitation” or “an invention which is beyond an invention”.

tech meaning in hindi

hi tech meaning in Hindi is very much similar to hi tech computer. Computer is a hi tech product. Computer also is an hi tech word. So we have a double meaning for hi tech meaning. hi tech computer means a computer which is superior to the old version and which solves all the problems of the old computer.

Same is the case with hi tech meaning in Hindi, which means anything hi. So we have a good illustration of word doubling in Hindi as “hi” meaning hi and “tech” meaning tech. So the word “tech” can be defined as anything new and improved. A computer can be considered as a hi tech device.

The word “tech” is used in many contexts, sometimes completely unrelated to its actual meaning. Thus it can mean electronic equipment, computer software, electrical techie stuff or any such related things. So every time you hear or see “tech” always keep in mind that the word is not talking about the actual product. It is talking about a particular application, technology or item. For example:

Tech means “electrical equipment” or “electrical goods”. “Tech” also refers to high-tech systems, equipments or gadgets. So, computer is a tech item but it is also used for getting connected to the Internet. In short, we can say that “tech” in Hindi means “new age”.

What is more? Computer has become an integral part of our lives and everyone depends on computers either for personal or professional purposes. Now let me tell you the ultimate result of this long discussion. Well, you now know that “tech” is actually a shortened form of “Tikta-Plus” which is a Hindi term that roughly translates to “sumptuous dishes”.

You might wonder why this term is so special. The reason behind is quite simple. “Tech” has come from “Tikta-Plus” meaning “appliance in the form of things”. That is one of the reasons why “technical” engineering has become a popular term around the world. As everyone knows, Indian industry is booming at great speed and IT industry is a major part of this. So, naturally all the top institutes of engineering are producing students who are full of enthusiasm and who are eager to make their mark in this field.

Another important reason why “tech” is becoming the new era term is because it simply means “new”. It means that product or service has been newly introduced or launched. So, every time you see any product or service launched, you will automatically think that it is new. If it is technologically superior than its competitor then it is surely a tech product or service.

To understand the meaning of tech in Hindi, you must keep in mind that it is actually not an end but a beginning of something. So, technically speaking, a product means a new version of an existing product. Therefore, if you buy a second-hand car then you may say that the car is a new one but technically the car is old but still it is a tech product because it has been modified in some way or the other. So, you can say that a tech product is also a new product but it is modified somehow so that it fulfills the purpose of being a tech product.

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